Coffee Table Kink: Lelo Elise 2 Review

*Disclaimer* I was contacted by Lelo, for whom I reviewed their Tor 2 earlier this year, who provided me with a free second generation of the luxury Elise vibrator in return for a fair an d honest review .

The Elise 2 claims to have 100% stronger vibrations than its predecessor, but without having experienced that I shall present a straightforward review of my impressions of this high-end product. It arrived securely via a tracked courier system – which was entertaining to watch on the online map as it chartered its journey from the manufacturers in China to my UK abode after four days from the order being placed – I was quite excited as usual when it comes to new toys arriving and I even posted a little sneak peek to Twitter:

Hello, Lelo

It is packaged within a glossy black outer cardboard box and a sturdier matt black case (pictured above in the first image) which is perfect for long-term storage. Within this, the toy itself is held in a foam setting with the power lead and paraphernalia stored under a little flap.


Pictured here with the toy is a sleek satin storage pouch that all Lelo toys arrive with, an Authenticity Card with which to register the Elise, a lube sachet, power cable, mini care leaflet and the small user manual and warranty information. The Elise is a curved 8.5-inch vibrator made from ABS body safe silicone over a hard plastic casing. It is rigid and has no give to it as a result. The silicone is, however, the silkiest I have ever had the pleasure to stroke and every time I handle the Elise I can’t help but smooth my fingers over its shaft. Simply divine! The shaft is tapered inwards slightly in the centre allowing for a slight bulbous curve on the tip designed to stimulate the G-spot. The base has a fuller rotundity to it and sits snugly in my palm.

Lelo in the Hand

Power Port

Powered through a rechargeable point in the base to plug into a socket, the Elise delivers 8 different vibration patterns through dual motors in the shaft and base of the toy. It is controlled via a circular interface on the base which lights up each time you press a button. The toy is reassuringly lockable by pressing and holding the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons making it suitable for travel.

There are 10 power variations of the vibrator using the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons. If you’re not too careful you end up skipping past the 10 speeds although the difference in power between each step are not too noticeable in the lower power modes. To access the vibration patterns, you click on the up and down arrow buttons. When using the Elise, I opted for the higher speeds out of personal preference. The toy has a great rumble to it, you get a real sense of the power behind those motors but the lower settings are contrastingly gentle and were excellent in the ease-down of the post-orgasmic haze. Personally, I find it difficult to reach climax without direct clitoral stimulation when I use a toy (with Mister, it’s a different matter entirely), and so I paired the Elise 2 with the equally delightful Lelo Mia as I thrusted the Elise. Unless you are quite wet when using the Elise, a little lube is useful to apply as the silicone can catch slightly on insertion if you are not slippery enough – a common issue I have found with similar silicone products such as the Lelo subsidiary, PicoBong. After a while I noticed my wrist began to ache slightly, the Elise is a little heavier than what I’m used to, slightly lighter than a similar sized glass toy. The bulbous base of the Elise had my wrist at a slight right-angle when using it and as a result after about 10 minutes of somewhat…energetic use I found I had to stop to let my wrist rest.

The weight of the Elise 2 is paired with only one other niggling issue in what is otherwise a glowing report of this vibrator. This issue being that in scrolling through the vibration patterns, once you get to the end, Randomiser pattern, you cannot simply click the up arrow to continue to the start of the cycle once more, instead having to scroll back down, retracing your steps. On a few occasions I found this frustrating having been used to cyclical rotations in just about all other vibrators I have tried in the past.

This is a luxury, high quality vibrator by the renowned Lelo brand, as such the Elise 2 is accompanied by a fairly expensive price tag of £105. This is a toy designed to be looked after (in the form of stroking and general adoration) and it will then take the very best care of you in return. It comes with a 1-year Warranty and a 10-year quality Guarantee upon registering on the website. It is available here, in a choice of the black seen here as well as pink and plum.

5 comments on “Coffee Table Kink: Lelo Elise 2 Review

  1. Blacksilk says:

    Got hold of the Mona 2 and I have to say that, like the Elise 2 by the sound of it, the silicone is just divine!

  2. […] It doesn’t give me the ‘full’ feeling of my lovely glass dildo or the larger Elise 2 but I have got my niche covered here and have grown quite fond of it for that […]

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