The Kissing Game

Danger lies within the lips. Tantalising and irresistible, they bloom when aroused. The slightest touch will cause my entire body to shiver, electrified.

It begins ever so innocently enough. At first. We both know the intentions are far from honest but we play along in forced naivety. My head lays gently on his chest – it doesn’t matter where we are: in bed, on the sofa or even in a bar as has been known in the past. Hopefully in the future too.

The invitation always the same; I look up at him with those half-lidded eyes, heavy from the comfortable position they had settled into on his shoulder. A hand of his sneaks around my neck, fingers brushing against my soft skin, sweeping up into my hairline. I feel the gentle pressure that is his palm on the back of my head, drawing me up to his face and I acquiesce.

Sometimes the first is a simple peck, hardly worth noting really. But when I combine these together, small butterflies that flutter along his jawline, browline or tickling across his top and lower lips, I get the response I seek. The edges of his mouth curl upwards in his lop-sided grin and he exhales in sweet appreciation.

He returns my serve with force now, clutching me closely as my own arm locks into place around his neck, a finger stroking his ear, a light drag of a nail up his neck. My cheeks flush when he kisses my lips in such a complete overwhelming passion that sends a direct hit to my sex that the Minx in me has no other option but to give as good as she’s getting.

I hold my ground until he brings the game to the next stage, parting my lips with his tongue. He catches a sensitive edge and my eyes fly open, met by his that have been watching me all along. With the light nibbles and licks, my lips tingle in an echo of what is happening between my legs.

A simple act, one kiss. Simple, but deadly the stakes.

7 comments on “The Kissing Game

  1. The Temptresss says:

    Oh yes, so much unleashed from that simple act … I get it! Spine-tingling!

  2. Mina Lamieux says:

    So sensual and sexy!

  3. Blacksilk says:

    And the prize for “best use of a tennis metaphor” goes to…. :)

    • ladypandorah says:

      Hella cheesy, but it made me smile = my reason for blogging. Also, ‘tonsil tennis, anyone’? Which always made me wonder as an innocent young teenager, ‘Why the hell would people want to do that, surely it’d make them gag?!’


      LP x

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