Five Fabulous Years!

Five years, baby!

It’s my Sanctuary’s five-year bloggiversary today, something I’m intensely proud of. To use Innocent Loverboy’s adjective, it has been pretty turbulent at times. I’ve had breaks from blogging, incredibly frustrating dry spells with the writing mojo, flashes of moral panic about whether I should be keeping this blog at all (they were squished pretty quickly, never fear), and self-doubt.

But I’m a stubborn little girl who knows when she’s on to a good thing – and this blog is one fucking brilliant thing! It’s helped me in my confidence as a writer and with my body confidence. It’s also been fantastic for my not-so-latent exhibitionist side. Luckily for you.

I’ve made some great acquaintances and friends through this blogging about my sex life lark and to them – the blogger Lovelies – I doff my kinky cap in no particular order: Jilly, Rose, Molly, Mina, Special mentions to the stalwart cheerleader who is ILB and the gorgeously talented Blacksilk who have been there with me since my very first posts. To all the commenters – I give you a great big LadyP special wiggle in your general direction. I love getting comments and try to reply to every one. Remember, honeys – Commenting is Good Blogging Karma!

I wanted this post to reflect how much the readers and people who get in touch with me on Twitter mean to me by asking you to respond to my challenges I set earlier in the month. I’m omitting Challenge 2 for secret mysterious reasons. Allons-y! (Geekery points, BurlesqueBun??)

Challenge 1: Your favourite posts

Rose, quick off the mark, emailed me with this post, saying: ” ‘The Chair , no doubt about that, it’s the one I can still remember with my very forgetful mind so it definitely left an impression ;)”

Innocent Loverboy piped up with ‘Let the Memory Live Again’ right back from when I was finding my feet as a blogger in 2008 stating that, ‘It’s sweet and romantic, and shows – since it’s one of your first few posts – what you’re capable of writing from one mere memory. I like it. It’s also possibly the first post of yours I read’.

It’s also one of my personal favourites too. ILB also sneakily linked to one of Mister’s Medleys posts, one which he helped me upload before I discovered how to use Soundcloud.

Fridayam chose ‘Blind Assumptions’

Paul sent me a few emails listing a few posts from across a couple of years:

2012 – My fav read is Rack and Ruin part 2 – I love the idea of a blindfold and a ‘controlled’ blowjob and from the way you write it I can live every second of it – wonderful.

2011 – Compliant – Well another BJ post (can you spot a trend here !) I like this because you set the scene so well – being told you must suck and that you will be spanked after. You (and the reader) can only give one compliant response – the submissive in me trembled reading this.

Confessions and leather – a prelude – The power of dressing in the right clothes can just make a mood. You described magnificently how I feel when the dressing up mood grabs me.

2010 – My fav for 2012 goes “Over Ruled” – that is just cool – The thwack thwack thwacks reverberated and I love the use of a ruler – the descriptions are just so good – you have a really good writing style.

Paul, thank you so very much for taking your time with what must have been a truly arduous task of trawling through my archives!

Molly picked one of my first Sinful Sunday posts – ‘Calm after the Storm’ Taken by serendipity on my very old-hand camera phone. I loved how these shots turned out so much, I used one of them on my business cards.

I have a number of posts that I’m really pleased with – most appear in my ‘Pieces of Me’ menu in the sidebar. Of that list, I would choose ‘Forever the Night’, as it was my first attempt at some proper fiction from a male perspective which was well received. Fiction, yes – but based on Mister and myself, naturally (and my subconscious guilt for the noise levels he illicits from me up against those thin bedroom walls).

Challenge 3: Sum up Lady Pandorah or her Sanctuary in 3 words

Fridayam – ‘Beauty, eroticism, intelligence–the perfect combination.’ *Blushes*

Rose – ‘Fucking Hot (So good it doesn’t need 3 words)’ Coming from my most favourite of red-headed Amazons, I am flattered.

ILB – ‘Lady Pandorah’s Sanctuary’ *LadyP sticks tongue out at his cheekiness*

clivechip – ‘All of you’ You star!

Paul – ‘Hits the spot!’

Dean H over on Twitter – 1) adorable 2&3) nice arse

I am thanking your contributions in the medium of photography. Because I can!

Here’s to another five years, yes?

[Edit: a few photos have since been removed from this post]

20 comments on “Five Fabulous Years!

  1. Molly says:

    Ohh how lovely to find myself mentioned here! Roll on Eroticon and some time for proper catch-up! 5 years blogging is a massive achievement… big sexy happy bloggy cheers to you!


  2. sexwithrose says:

    Hurray!! *gives kisses and hugs* Happy bloggiversary!! xx

  3. Jake Holden says:

    It’s great that you’ve had such a great blog for five years – you’re one of the few people from my ‘generation’ of sex(y) bloggers that are still going in the same guise. I wish I could remember how I found your blog!

  4. fridayam says:

    I am honoured to be mentioned here, and with such a wonderful photo;) I have been enraptured by your blog since I first found it, and I hope I will be congratulating you in another 5, 10, 15 years. Much love to you x

  5. msbunnywhite says:

    Happy blogiversary Lady P. 5 years is quite the feat and yes that does get geekery points :)

  6. Mina Lamieux says:

    Congrats for 5 years and thank you for the most kind mention! I shall see you soon!

  7. *meow* Thanks for posting these, a delightful bottom and a wonderful teasing tongue :)

    Congratulations on your 5 year blogging anniversary!

  8. […] Pandorah recently celebrated her fifth year of blogging at her Sanctuary which you can find here along with more of her writing, photography and […]

    • Veroni says:

      I read your blog all the time. I check it on a regular basis. Then I think of my blog and how your life seems so much more exinctig than mine. Keep writing! I will comment more. Usually I just laugh or cry right along with you!Love, Bonnie

  9. Blacksilk says:

    God, I am so gutted and guilty that I missed this. I was going through a bad patch that I hope I’m beginning to sneak out of. Sucky, sucky timing and I’m sorry. If it helps, I have a little bloggiversary present I knocked up for you that I shall bring to Eroticon if I don’t forget my head.

    For challenge one, well, I think I’d have been there all day, but the one that always leaps into mind is actually the one you picked: Forever the Night. So well written, so sexy, so perfect. I could go on, and I have in the past, but, yes, a gorgeous piece of fiction that shows your masses of skill.

    For challenge three: Literary, intoxicating, beautiful. Whether you or the Sanctuary, I leave for your puzzlement. (Hint: It’s both!)

    Huge congratulations on your fifth bloggiversary, lovely. Five wonderful years of you as a colleague, a muse, a fantasy and, most importantly, a friend. And a bloody brilliant one at that. Here’s to more years of it!

    I’ll shut up now, before I wax ridiculous or over-soppy! Love ya, hun. BS. x

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