Nothing Else Is

We slipped away for less than twenty-four little hours yet the night drew out around us, spinning time like thread, an endless spool. An escape of sorts and a return. At once a weekend away as well as familiar territory.

We were at our old haunt from years past. The village at least was the same, as was the pub, but this time we were living the high life in our hotel surroundings. One certainty – a dirty weekend away in a hotel was our opportunity to possess.

I had packed just two options for him. He had left it to me to decide upon the kink. I plucked for the soft flogger and the wooden paddle. I wanted the rough with the smooth. Feeling the scarlet woman, my underwear choices followed suit. Ready, waiting, I had tantalised him out of the full-bellied, slight intoxicated state he was in danger of lulling into with a gradual and casual striptease as we lay on the bed.

Watching the final news stories of the day I had loosened my skirt to then lie with my head at the foot of the bed, hands under my chin as I lifted my eyes to the screen. My ankles were crossed, knees bent, shins at an acute angle to my thighs. Coquettish deliberately.

He noticed, of course. Perked out of his doze a little more to take full stock of me. I put on a wiggle for him and gave him a glance backwards over my shoulder.

My halterneck top disappeared shortly after to the channel hopping that followed the news. Clearly his attention wasn’t settling on the pictures on the screen. Nothing was catching his eye there. His free hand trailed over my calves and brought my legs down to rest back on the bed.

He mumbled something about going for a final smoke and left me for a few minutes.

My ears pricked up with the sound of his keycard clattering in the door and I knelt up on the bed, a favoured pose for me, looking like a pet before being fed – all expectant and wanting to please. He stripped before me and revealed his arousal. His erection was too inviting, right before my eyes. My instinct was to place my hands either side of my knees on the bed, open my mouth in a half-smile, half begging expression. Obliging, Mister took a step forward to me to lick him and take his head briefly into my mouth. Heaven.

I was just losing myself to this action, my eyes had closed in drifting bliss when I felt him place his hands on my shoulders and nudged me downwards off from his cock to lie face down on the bed. Moving my head to the side, he hands slid from my shoulders down my back, scratching their way to my hips. In this movement, he had leant forward to grab the soft flogger and as he stood back up, he trailed the tails up my thighs, over my buttocks and along my spine.

He didn’t spend long with the flogger and swiftly moved on to the wooden paddle. The sting this delivered had me yelp and hold on to his thighs, digging my nails slightly into his skin. When I wriggled out and away from him he took that as my cue I had had enough and flipped me over, causing my arms to flinch up defensively – no threat, just how I am with sudden movements. His kiss brought my arms around his head. Tender, soft, his tongue tickling against my lips making me girlishly giggly. Warmth spread through my body and my heart was full.

Another shift and he had pulled me by the ankles to the edge of the bed, knelt down and had begun kissing his way up my thighs. My fingers caught in his hair, lightly twisting as his lips met my pussy, a finger of his own slickening, slipping between labia and inside me. The want grew within me.

Soon he had me writhing, my dark eyes devouring the sight of him between my legs, at my centre. I nudged him back up to greet me, using my bodyweight to lever him closer, pressing my breasts against his chest, needing to be close.

The headboard here was high, cushioned. In kneeling up to face it, my chin met the top of the padded head-rest. Perfect positioning. With me holding its ledge, he then held on to me as he entered me, curling a hand around my breasts, his other hand over my sex and rubbing my clitoris. His thrusts were exquisite, slow, measured, making me feel every inch as he moved within. Already orgasmic from going down on me, I was all moans and breathless gasps sending him over the edge of restraint.

We lay for some time in silence, that timeless aftermath. An unconnected sixty-nine, staring at one another with smiles, our hands resting on the other’s hip. I kissed his toes, he likes it very much when I do.

An escape and a return. What we deserved.


14 comments on “Nothing Else Is

  1. Blacksilk says:

    I love the sound of your position using the headboard, very sexy! And I’ll say it again, you’re a great writer.

  2. fridayam says:

    A delicious piece of writing, Lady. I felt every moment;) x

  3. msbunnywhite says:

    Sounds like an amazing time. The headboard sounds simply fantastically sized. Glad you had a nice time out.

  4. Harper Eliot says:

    Gosh, I don’t come round here often enough. You write so beautifully Lady P.

    • ladypandorah says:

      The feeling’s mutual – I really must take the time to compose a reply to your wonderful words on your site, too. Thank you kindly for the sentiments. They have touched me warmly.

      LP x

  5. Mina Lamieux says:

    You write very well. Deliciously well. What a sexy encounter.

  6. I truly loved reading this. There is just something about hotel sex that makes it all the more sweeter

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