You Bring Out the Minx in Me, Part II

Read Part I here.

I knew what was coming next. The claws.

I let go of his hair and in running my fingers down the right of his back, I let solely my thumbnail press into his skin to awaken his senses to my next intentions. In hearing his growling moan I ran my other hand’s fingernails down his left side.

I love your nails.

Not to start sounding repetitive, I replied, I know, and took both hands to claw at his back. The red lines began to bloom within seconds. Divine. I drew vaguely horizontal lines across his shoulders and verticals next to his spine curling round his hip to end with a flourish on his buttocks. It wasn’t long before I added a light spank there. He happily obliged me with a wiggle again after each swipe, encouraging me to spank harder each time. I repositioned and now knelt comfortably between his legs to stroke the inside of his spread thighs in the way he loves, running my fingers over the crease where the top of his leg meets his bottom.

I had been taking swipes at his arse for a few minutes now, and my palms were a touch stinging. So I chose to give them a rest, but not Mister’s cheeks. To the side of the bed rested a wooden paddle which I now reached out for. In the past Mister had been unsure of this, so in smoothing to cool flat surface of the wood against his skin I made sure to check in with him after each swipe.

I can take a little more, were his words, after my query following a series of strikes. The high-pitched smack of paddle meeting skin was intoxicating and my own arousal was growing. I couldn’t resist in dipping my free hand between my legs to find myself slick. An idea struck me then as I took my finger to my mouth momentarily.

Turn over now.

Again, the awkward shuffle and rattle of the metal on the cuffs against the wooden bar as he tried to move onto his back, but this time his body was dulled and heavier from my attentions – something I had found happening to myself many times in the past when he had put me through my paces. He also had to now negotiate the turn over whilst bound at the wrists as well. Watching him struggle warmed me greatly.

Now for a treat after the nice wincing he had given me. I edged my legs up the side of his body, kneeling up at his chest, allowing him a full view of my body towering over his. I imagine the perspective was, once again, impressive for him. It was empowering to look down at him from my vantage point. Before my head swooned too far from my plan, I scooted down, offering my slick pussy to his lips. The grin on his face was worth more than anything at that moment and I let him have free rein with his tongue and mouth.

As I settled Mister’s head at my lap, my hands took hold of the bed frame, a slight metallic creak in place as I levered myself into the best nook for him to lick me. I always adore how he would usually hook his arms around my thighs when I place myself in this position, keeping me in place so I don’t squirm away when his skills overwhelm me with a giddy lightheaded sway. But tonight I wanted that freedom of choice, tonight was on my terms and his hands were tied.

Before too long those contented moans I had teased out from him were echoed and magnified in my own vocal calls; the grip on the frame had tightened as I pressed down onto his mouth as I came. A wildness washed across my face and I lifted myself away from him to kneel right over his chest to stare down at him to see his despair at losing me. To save him from chastising me a glimmer of playfulness sparkled in my eyes as I took my left hand, ruffled it through my hair and trailed it all the way down from my chin, swiftly over my breasts, stomach and down over my pussy. I intended Mister’s treats to continue with that rare, not often captured performance of letting him see me get myself off.

I was so caught up in it all, having climaxed a number of times already, that it was never going to be a long wait for Mister to see my light convulsions and fervoured breathing once again, this time under my own hand. Forcing my eyes to resist closing at the moment I came, I wanted to look in his own eyes and see that hunger raging in them as he watched me. Yes, I got off to his voyeuristic gaze in a swift cycle of self-perpetuation.

He later told me, after we had rocked together and we lay in the afterglow, after I had released him from the spreader bar, that those were some of the best moves I had ever shown him. I shined then and the Minx nestled back into that corner of myself I restrain and tether, happy to have stretched her claws once more.

6 comments on “You Bring Out the Minx in Me, Part II

  1. BelleB says:

    Thank you once again Lady P. a beautiful read, very descriptive x

  2. So sexy. I’ve not yet mastered climaxing with eyes opened.
    So hot that he brought that out in you.

  3. Mina Lamieux says:

    yummy. What a fantastic read. Well worth waiting for.

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