Hashtag Eroticon 2013

Yesterday’s  post helped a lot in seeing me through the Drop following the weekend’s Eroticon conference. As did Mister. I very rarely seek out help when I’m down but yesterday I had to admit defeat and sure enough Mister stood firm for me as I held on to him to prevent me from falling further. He also came and nibbled my neck with awesomehotsupersexy kisses and licks which made the butterfly giggles lift me up.

Thus I now continue today’s post with a more upbeat tune as I regain my Zen.

Many people are doing their write-ups so I don’t want to repeat and go over the same things in terms of content so I’m simply going to create a digest of my notes and tweets and pictures to act as much as a record for myself as anything else of the most memorable sessions in terms of content – or entertainment, as you will see!

After returning to the hotel from Molly’s Meet and Greet at the nearby Novotel with a somewhat jittery Blacksilk who, having been a touch unwell in the week and was also feeling a little nervous for the weekend’s busyness, nevertheless proceeded to charm me no end with a little present to celebrate my blog’s fifth birthday in January. So very sweet of her to take the time to decorate a trinket so very well suited to me and Mister with a cheeky message on the reverse.


L: ‘Lady Pandorah’ R: ‘Mister’s Guitar Whore’

The next morning, we set off together meeting Ruby Goodnight in the lift (which subsequently was the first of many instances where the Meet and Greet Link Up statement, ‘Bloggers you’d like to be trapped in the lift with’ sprang into my head). With Ruby’s astoundingly accurate skills of navigation (Sat Nav) we found ourselves chilly and waiting outside the Coin Street venue. Once in and suitably tea-ed up the fangirl moments started after meeting the simply marvellous Plumptious Pea (who I will don pom poms for at the drop of a hat – You, my dear, are FAR from being a fraud); the gorgeous and vivacious Lily Hastings (whom I had a wonderful time in conversation with at the very end of the Harper-organised Aural Sex readings) as well as seeing familiar faces – Molly looked fabulous as ever with the wide welcoming smile I have come to recognise.

Taking a moment to rifle through my shag bag, I was overly excited to see that there was a notebook specially made for the conference.



Sitting down as Ruby Kiddell’s opening introduction was given I began with what was to become a bit of an addiction, Live Tweeting.

Swiftly to be followed by the christening of the first page of the notebook – a momentous occasion.

Capitals to show importance

Capitals to show importance

After the first talk by the sponsors, Brook, I squirrelled myself down to the basement – an ironically apt location for my first session, Myth Busting: The Submissive Woman with Molly Moore. Much of what she had to say I found myself nodding in agreement with or snorting with derision in sympathy with such statements as ‘All submissive women are door-mats; fragile and weak; have “Daddy issues”; have childhood traumas’. These are the vast gneralisations that have been augmented and exaggerated in fiction – both in written form and in visual media. Whilst some individuals may indeed experience some/all/one of the previous facets, that should in no way determine that individual.

One thing in this talk stood out for me more than the rest, it made me sit up with wide-eye realisation, the middle point in my scrawl below:

Wow Moment No.1

Wow Moment No.1

Molly noted that in her research into real Dominant and submissive relationships it can often be the submissive partner who wishes to take the darkened path down power/control play in whatever form that may be – bondage, sado-masochism, power-exchange etc. – Reflecting on my own experience, my own relationship with Mister as it began all those year ago with him I identified with this comment. I have touched on my ‘origin story’ of sorts before when it comes to how we got into kink, but I think this above all sessions may lead me into writing a separate post about it once more.

As the day went on, the inevitable 50 Shades of Grey bashing went on and I drew a badly executed sketch during Cressida Downing’s invaluable and highly entertaining talk on editing your writing.

This is why I use the iPad for drawing. I'm rubbish!

This is why I use the iPad for drawing. I’m rubbish!

From this hour there were some hilarious examples of badly written erotica which had us all chortling away. Amongst the giggles I mangaged to hold myself together long enough to scribble some notes and add some tweets to the growing number of updates by other delegates at the other sessions:

Other sessions including Remittance Girl’s theoretical approach to ‘Eroticism and Romanticism’ (which incidentally is uncannily similar in title to one of my third year modules at University), Ruby Goodnight’s talk on her work in adult commercial work, and The High Tea Cast ladies were both insightful and educational. I was particularly relieved that the latter session chose to use a Prezi and therefore reduced my ‘Death by PowerPoint’ fears. I also approved of the lollipop and badge.

At lunch, business cards were exchanged and the Pokémon-style ‘Gotta catch ’em all!’ vibe set in, although I should have made more of an effort at wresting cards from people after looking back on my small collection here:

Do you see yours here?

Do you see yours here?

The day ended with Ruby’s energising plenary talk that was pitched primarily at the bloggers in the room. One of the most important messages I shall close this post with as another one of those mantras that I seem to have collected over the weekend and by golly I intend to keep close at hand:

The Eroticon Diaries continue…

15 comments on “Hashtag Eroticon 2013

  1. It was utterly fantastic to meet and have time to chat with you too! Thank you for such a compliment!
    Glad you are feeling better, I agree the Cressida Downing’s session was hilarious and brilliant, I am still giggling about the ‘baby batter’!
    Mwah, Lily xxx

  2. Lovely to meet you, Lady P. And hold onto that card! ;-)

  3. PS: Your tweets were aces: informative *and* amusing!

  4. I’m still giggling over “(note)Book!”. Good to see you’re more upbeat about things, dear Lady.

  5. Love the gotta catch em all analogy. How very appropriate, I’m sure.

  6. Mina Lamieux says:

    I’m enjoying your write up. I didn’t hand out my card nearly enough as I should have, but then I thought, the people who know me, don’t really need them. I was thrilled to hand them out to people who had just met me and asked me for one. :)

  7. Anisa says:

    Oh, I do wish several things.
    1) That I were still a writer
    2) That I lived nearer to you
    3) That I could give you a snuggle & some wine gums when you’re in your low spots.

    I’d probably have reacted the way you describe in your previous post. I’m the same. XXXOOO, LadyP.

  8. Anisa says:

    Well… look at this. I guess I am still a writer after all. Back in business over at my place… do stop in sometime. xoxo

  9. JillianBoyd says:

    Ahh, good memories. “Disappointed queeb” was a personal favourite.

  10. Blacksilk says:

    Heh, “somewhat jittery” is a very diplomatic way of putting it. I was a wreck! Thank you so much for looking out for me. Just knowing someone was nearby was a fantastic help. I hope I wasn’t too much trouble, lovely.

    And I’m glad you like your present! Thought it appropriate for the budding guitar goddess that you are. Now you know why I asked Twitter aaaages ago whether “guitar whore” or “guitar slut” was better. It was just to catch your response!

    Anyway, glad you seemed to have a good time at Eroticon, it was lovely to see you again and we must all try to meet up before too long. Excited queeb! x

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