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A Brief History of Suspender Belts


Like all girls…I love to shop….and one of my favourite things to treat myself with is sexy lingerie. I decided to make todays post a little informative by talking about the history of those sexy suspender belts – I hope you enjoy!

First introduced around 1906, suspender belts proved to be unpopular and were soon withdrawn from the marketplace. They were later reintroduced in late 1920s and achieved great market success, so much so that they were at the peak of their popularity throughout the 1930s.

These belts went completely out of the fray during the 60s, mostly because of increasing popularity of tights. Tights were viewed as an excellent alternative to stockings. Soon, suspender belts became specialised items, instead

How to Get Your Man in the Mood

It’s rare for my lovers or boyfriends to not be in the mood for sex but occasionally it does happen. Sometimes after a long day at the office he may insist that he’s just too tired or distracted to make love or get it ‘on’. If you ever have this problem with your man here are some ways I’ve found to get his mind off of his day and on to me.

Get your man in the mood!

  1. If I’m in the mood but sense that my lover isn’t I don’t bring up sex. Instead I give him a long back rub and offer to listen to him vent about his day. The massage helps relax his body and giving

How to Turn Your Hook Up into Your Boyfriend

We’ve all been there. You have a great guy friend who satisfies all of your kinky sexual needs and before long you realize that you’ve fallen in love with him. How could you not? He’s great in bed, willing to play with all of your toys and puts no emotional pressure on you. The realization that you want more from him can be scary but if you follow a few simple steps you can easily transition your ‘friend with benefits’ into your serious boyfriend.

Make him your boyfriend

  1. Be the woman that he’s always known, just be her a lot more often. There are reasons he is attracted to you. Don’t change the way you act or the way you

How to Get Yourself in the Mood


After a long day working or taking care of your ankle biters sex is usually the last thing on your mind. But it’s an important part of nurturing the intimacy between you and your partner. Turning down your man when it’s been awhile and you know he’s in the mood can have devastating effects to his self esteem and to your own libido. Here are some tips to get your mind off of the long day you’ve hand and onto love making.

Get yourself in the mood for sex

  1. Take a few minutes alone, away from the distractions of your house, and focus your thoughts on your partner. Think of the ways he’s made you happy and the things that