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My latest lingerie find

cv-1817610000I buy a lot of lingerie, and by far my favourite one is the PURE Embroidered Low Back Babydoll & G-String from Fantasy Lingerie. I picked it up at my favourite go to store for lingerie, and a great place to pick up some toys while I’m at it. I’m always amazed at all of the selection, and everything I’ve ordered has been amazing quality and a great price.

I wanted something white and sweet, but still sexy, and this babydoll nightie is definitely both of those. It’s sheer and sexy, and the embroidery on the bodice alone was worth twice the price I paid for it. I adore the low back so I can show off my shoulders and

Good Girls’ Methods of Enjoying Long-lasting and Loving Relationships

pillowDo you sometimes secretly wish that there was a magic potion that could make him fall for you? Do you yearn for the ability to translate those exciting first dates into long-lasting love? Is there some formula which can ensure that he never looks at another woman again?

Thanks to Adina for some hints too!

and The Telegraph – relation advice for long relationships

Well, all you need to do is pay attention to his likes and dislikes, and you’ll soon see a relationship turning into something fantastic and more serious.

What’s most important is that you project an image of yourself which is loving and caring. For that you must learn to love yourself first. Unless you start respecting

Bedroom Games

lg_cc0f75aa122890619020527Winter is coming here in Australia. Spice-up your sex life this winter and try these adults-only party games that’ll warm up the wintry nights.

Camera action
Take turns to photograph different close-ups of your own body parts, trying to make them as unidentifiable as possible – get creative and make animal and objects. Then show each other the pics. The person who guesses the most correctly which body part it is wins the right to conduct a photoshoot of their own with the loser as mode. The loser must abide by all the photographers rules.  No pose is off limits so long as the model’s face is out of shot. Make sure to play this with someone you trust –

How to Win Back Your Ex

desktop-wallpaper-women-342489993Have you caught yourself thinking of an ex-boyfriend, wishing you could have another chance? Are you sure that you miss him, and that you’re not just lonely? Getting back together with an ex is tricky regardless of who ended the first relationship, but it isn’t impossible if true feelings have remained. Here are some steps you can take to win back your ex.

Funny video on winning back your ex

  1. Figure out what went wrong the first time, and what part you each played in it. Determine whether or not you can forgive your ex’s mistakes. If you can’t you have no hope for reconciliation.
  2. Once you’ve forgiven your ex, reach out and talk to him about your feelings. Own