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A Toy For Those Who Are Allergic To Silicone

cv-1429430003It has gotten to the point where I have found it difficult finding a toy that is not made out of silicone. Silicone material seems to be the latest craze for sex toys now these days, and I can see why because it does feel soft and smooth and comfortable. However, I am one of those rare people on this earth that actually has a silicone allergy.

It is a contact allergy, so pressing a silicone toy against my most intimate places would result in an immediate red and raised rash that would itch like crazy. Definitely not the effect I want from my vibrator.

That is why I love everything from the Basix Rubber Works line. It is all

Orgasm Fun Facts

98112754How much do you know about the Big O? Here are some interesting facts about orgasms you may not have heard before.

Video of hints!

  • While age plays no role in your ability to orgasm, it does determine the length of your Big O. The older you get the shorter your orgasms last.
  • When your partner climaxes early you may try to comfort him by saying ‘It happens to all guys.” In fact, premature ejaculation is a problem among one out of three men age 18-59.
  • The G-spot, hailed by many as the holy grail of female orgasms, is named after the researcher Grafenberg, the first man to find this sweet spot.
  • If your man gets sleepy after he orgasms

10 Function Risque: Anal Stimulation

cv-1669990008I had never tried any type of anal play before, weather during sex or by myself. My boyfriend was pressuring me to open up my backdoor, but I knew that I would need to get comfortable with the whole idea first. I’ve always been the type to prepare, or over prepare, for any situation, whether it’s packing 15 pairs of underwear for a three-day trip, or spending days at school studying for a small quiz, so I decided to play around a little by myself first.

I decided the best way to prepare for anal sex would be with a small toy. Being unfamiliar with the products available I turned to the computer so I would have the luxury of

He’ll Keep Coming Back If You Deprive Him of Sex!

emmastone-lgA man who has the hots for you is definitely going to go all ends to please you. Women often forget that men love to please women and instead turn the tables around in desperate attempts to get them.

Once you understand and learn about the fragility of male ego and how much men want to please women, you’ll be on your way to successful relationships with them.

What’s important is that you learn to be unpredictable, independent, unique, authentic and fun. Then stroke their male ego by showering them with appreciation. Once you master these tricks they’ll literally eat out of your hands.

I’m not asking you to become a doormat or spoil the men around you. Rather, I’m