A Toy For Those Who Are Allergic To Silicone

cv-1429430003It has gotten to the point where I have found it difficult finding a toy that is not made out of silicone. Silicone material seems to be the latest craze for sex toys now these days, and I can see why because it does feel soft and smooth and comfortable. However, I am one of those rare people on this earth that actually has a silicone allergy.

It is a contact allergy, so pressing a silicone toy against my most intimate places would result in an immediate red and raised rash that would itch like crazy. Definitely not the effect I want from my vibrator.

That is why I love everything from the Basix Rubber Works line. It is all pure rubber, and feels incredible up against your skin, plus I can use it with any type of lubrication I want and not be limited based on the material. I especially love this vibrator I found, the Basix Vibrating Dong 8in. Flesh. It is fully detailed with veins and a plump, thick head, and it is a good size without being too big.

I love how easy this dildo is to use, I just put on some of my favorite lube, (never a silicone one!), and start off one of the fun features from the control pack. I am so happy that I found this vibrator, I know there are several out there that are not made of silicone, but products from the Basix Rubber Works collection are by far superior.

If you have an allergy to silicone were a warning bracelet