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Sex Myths Debunked

bed-man-womanEveryone knows someone with an outrageous sex story, but should you really believe everything you hear? Here are some sex myths that aren’t true.

  • Myth: You can’t get pregnant if you have sex in a hot tub because the heat and chemicals kill sperm.

Fact: You can absolutely get pregnant if you have sex in a hot tub. The water makes it difficult to use a condom without it slipping off or breaking; safe sex in a hot tub is almost impossible. And the temperature and chemicals in the water have no effect on sperm. In fact, the warm temperature makes it easier for the sperm to survive.

  • Myth: Using a vibrator desensitizes your clitoris, and can lead to difficulty

Tips on Talking Dirty and Making Him Go Weak in the Knees!

lg_c373fe07122890576132439I’m sure there isn’t a single man in this world who wouldn’t like his girl talk dirty to him in bed! Well, it’s easy for men to say that, but we know that it isn’t so easy for us to start talking dirty all of a sudden! I’ve been practising some new ways and have learnt some good tricks to talk dirty in bed.

Some Video Hints

These are:

It’s important to start easy. Send some dirty emails or text messages to your man. As you’ll not be face-to-face with him, the embarrassment will be far lesser. All in all, it’s important for you to get used to the idea of talking dirty. Perhaps, you can text him to let

Orgasm Fun Facts

98112754How much do you know about the Big O? Here are some interesting facts about orgasms you may not have heard before.

Video of hints!

  • While age plays no role in your ability to orgasm, it does determine the length of your Big O. The older you get the shorter your orgasms last.
  • When your partner climaxes early you may try to comfort him by saying ‘It happens to all guys.” In fact, premature ejaculation is a problem among one out of three men age 18-59.
  • The G-spot, hailed by many as the holy grail of female orgasms, is named after the researcher Grafenberg, the first man to find this sweet spot.
  • If your man gets sleepy after he orgasms

10 Function Risque: Anal Stimulation

cv-1669990008I had never tried any type of anal play before, weather during sex or by myself. My boyfriend was pressuring me to open up my backdoor, but I knew that I would need to get comfortable with the whole idea first. I’ve always been the type to prepare, or over prepare, for any situation, whether it’s packing 15 pairs of underwear for a three-day trip, or spending days at school studying for a small quiz, so I decided to play around a little by myself first.

I decided the best way to prepare for anal sex would be with a small toy. Being unfamiliar with the products available I turned to the computer so I would have the luxury of

He’ll Keep Coming Back If You Deprive Him of Sex!

emmastone-lgA man who has the hots for you is definitely going to go all ends to please you. Women often forget that men love to please women and instead turn the tables around in desperate attempts to get them.

Once you understand and learn about the fragility of male ego and how much men want to please women, you’ll be on your way to successful relationships with them.

What’s important is that you learn to be unpredictable, independent, unique, authentic and fun. Then stroke their male ego by showering them with appreciation. Once you master these tricks they’ll literally eat out of your hands.

I’m not asking you to become a doormat or spoil the men around you. Rather, I’m

Good Girls’ Methods of Enjoying Long-lasting and Loving Relationships

pillowDo you sometimes secretly wish that there was a magic potion that could make him fall for you? Do you yearn for the ability to translate those exciting first dates into long-lasting love? Is there some formula which can ensure that he never looks at another woman again?

Thanks to Adina for some hints too!

and The Telegraph – relation advice for long relationships

Well, all you need to do is pay attention to his likes and dislikes, and you’ll soon see a relationship turning into something fantastic and more serious.

What’s most important is that you project an image of yourself which is loving and caring. For that you must learn to love yourself first. Unless you start respecting

Bedroom Games

lg_cc0f75aa122890619020527Winter is coming here in Australia. Spice-up your sex life this winter and try these adults-only party games that’ll warm up the wintry nights.

Camera action
Take turns to photograph different close-ups of your own body parts, trying to make them as unidentifiable as possible – get creative and make animal and objects. Then show each other the pics. The person who guesses the most correctly which body part it is wins the right to conduct a photoshoot of their own with the loser as mode. The loser must abide by all the photographers rules.  No pose is off limits so long as the model’s face is out of shot. Make sure to play this with someone you trust –

How to Win Back Your Ex

desktop-wallpaper-women-342489993Have you caught yourself thinking of an ex-boyfriend, wishing you could have another chance? Are you sure that you miss him, and that you’re not just lonely? Getting back together with an ex is tricky regardless of who ended the first relationship, but it isn’t impossible if true feelings have remained. Here are some steps you can take to win back your ex.

Funny video on winning back your ex

  1. Figure out what went wrong the first time, and what part you each played in it. Determine whether or not you can forgive your ex’s mistakes. If you can’t you have no hope for reconciliation.
  2. Once you’ve forgiven your ex, reach out and talk to him about your feelings. Own

Vibrate Away To Sexual Glory!

50_shades_grey_lingerieWe all know how good vibrators are and how they can deliver customised and focused stimulation to all the right areas. Moreover, as you are in complete control of the gadget, in terms of the exact intensity and location, you can guide it appropriately to achieve maximum pleasure.

In this short article, I’ll share with you some great tips on pleasuring yourself. Let’s get started:

–          Provided you are careful, water hose can be an excellent medium to pleasure yourself. No, you don’t need to take the water hose in! What you need to do exactly is increase the intensity of water flow and direct it towards your privates. You can alter the force of water depending on your needs.

My Purchases – Future Tech Rabbit

cv-1131370000This one is a rabbit vibrator which features 7 distinct vibration settings ranging from slow speed pulsations to some really fast sonic vibration. I was slightly hesitant when I bought it first but soon realised its immense power.

Apart from being hugely popular, the Future Tech Rabbit vibrator is easily among the best rabbit vibrators available in the sex toys marketplace today. Created with waterproof material and silicone, you can even enjoy it in wet and wild conditions! Thus, you’ll no longer have to worry about your vibe getting spoiled in swimming pool, tub, shower or bath.

Talking about its dimensions, Future Tech Rabbit is around 1.5 inches wide and 5 inches long. It is battery operated and comes with