Electrastim Flick Stimulator Pack

cv-1838450005Recently I bought the awesome Electrastim Flick stimulator and a few attachments from SexToys247.net.au Australian Website. I was spurned on to write a piece about them .. and how awesome they are – Honestly blew my mind!!

Here is a video on the Electrastim in action

Mention the term erotic electro stimulation and you’ll get one of several responses: the confused look, or the disgusted look. These are both reactions of those not fully acquainted with the erotic art of using electricity during sexual activity. I felt the same way too, thinking that electro stimulation was about using electricity to shock the recipient. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

The only thing shocking was my misconceptions, as it turned out that used properly the current that an electro stimulator delivers is used to force your muscles to contract. When used in sensitive areas they can have pelvic muscles clenching and releasing to a program from a hand held stimulator, and it can produce incredibly intense climaxes.

I was lucky enough to have a great teacher to show me everything I needed to know, and now I’ve gotten my own hand held stimulator, the Electrastim Flick Stimulator Pack, and a few choice accessories to enjoy like the ElectraStim Radial Mini Electro Sex Dildo. When I hook this small sized dildo up to the Stimulator I can control the program of current that is delivered to the dildo and then to me, which means I can control the rate at which my vaginal muscles are clenching and unclenching. And while there are several predetermined programs to choose from, the Flick has a special feature that lets me control the rhythm just by holding the stimulator and flicking my wrist to set the beat.

I love my ElectraStim toys and the amazing current that they deliver to make my muscles squeeze down. It feels incredible, and the only thing shocking is that everyone isn’t trying it.

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