He’ll Keep Coming Back If You Deprive Him of Sex!

emmastone-lgA man who has the hots for you is definitely going to go all ends to please you. Women often forget that men love to please women and instead turn the tables around in desperate attempts to get them.

Once you understand and learn about the fragility of male ego and how much men want to please women, you’ll be on your way to successful relationships with them.

What’s important is that you learn to be unpredictable, independent, unique, authentic and fun. Then stroke their male ego by showering them with appreciation. Once you master these tricks they’ll literally eat out of your hands.

I’m not asking you to become a doormat or spoil the men around you. Rather, I’m asking you to understand and master the things that work for them. Men love their freedom without the baggage of relationships. Men yearn for unpredictability and fun in their women. Most of all, they desire women who can be themselves and not merely another version of Barbie.

When you date men without giving in to their physical advances and be an amazing woman at the same time, you’ll soon be categorised in the most wanted section by men. You’ll be viewed as intelligent because of being selective. You’ll be seen as someone who takes pride in herself (thereby automatically increasing your attraction quotient). Men crave for women who play hard to get and love the challenge of chasing women; to finally get them into bed.

Some of the excuses you can use (humour!)