Lucid Dream No. 14 Review

cv-1262670000I ordered my Lucid Dream No. 14 as a replacement for my more expensive vibrator that died after only a few uses. I didn’t want to spend a ton more money only to be disappointed again so I decided to try out a more reasonably priced option.

I have to say that the price isn’t the only thing the Lucid Dreams No. 14 has going for it. My new vibrator arrived quickly; I had AA batteries left from my previous toy so I was all ready to give it a burl. This vibrator has a sleek shaft that ends in a bulbous, angled head. The head contains a large, powerful bullet with several speeds you adjust with the dial control at the base of the toy.

The angle makes the toy perfect for G-Spot stimulation, which is how I used it the first time I tried it out. Along with the shape of the toy and the power of the bullet I love how easy it is to clean the Lucid Dreams No. 14! (I’ve heard horror stories about women contracting infections from porous, improperly cleaned vibrators so this feature really boosts my confidence in the toy!)

If I could change one thing about this vibrator I’d add a clitoral stimulator so I could have simultaneous G-Spot and clit stimulation, but I’ve had plenty of orgasms from alternating the toy internally and externally. And I love holding the toy to my clit during intercourse! By far the best orgasms ever!

The Lucid Dreams No 14