Orgasm Fun Facts

98112754How much do you know about the Big O? Here are some interesting facts about orgasms you may not have heard before.

Video of hints!

  • While age plays no role in your ability to orgasm, it does determine the length of your Big O. The older you get the shorter your orgasms last.
  • When your partner climaxes early you may try to comfort him by saying ‘It happens to all guys.” In fact, premature ejaculation is a problem among one out of three men age 18-59.
  • The G-spot, hailed by many as the holy grail of female orgasms, is named after the researcher Grafenberg, the first man to find this sweet spot.
  • If your man gets sleepy after he orgasms don’t be offended. It isn’t his fault! When men orgasm their bodies release the chemical prolactin, which makes them drowsy.
  • Women’s orgasms come in waves of pleasure, while men’s orgasms consist of one satisfying peak.
  • Women’s self control and moral reasoning decrease while in the throes of the Big O. Because of this women are more likely to bite, flail, and make loud noises during climaxes.
  • A woman in London set the world record for most orgasms achieved during a single masturbation session. She enjoyed a reported 49 climaxes in one day.
  • If you’re a voyeur you may enjoy the Masturbate-A-Thon at San Francisco’s Center for Sex and Culture. Participants masturbate in front of spectators; all the money raised at the event goes to charity.