Bedroom Games

lg_cc0f75aa122890619020527Winter is coming here in Australia. Spice-up your sex life this winter and try these adults-only party games that’ll warm up the wintry nights.

Camera action
Take turns to photograph different close-ups of your own body parts, trying to make them as unidentifiable as possible – get creative and make animal and objects. Then show each other the pics. The person who guesses the most correctly which body part it is wins the right to conduct a photoshoot of their own with the loser as mode. The loser must abide by all the photographers rules.  No pose is off limits so long as the model’s face is out of shot. Make sure to play this with someone you trust –

How to Win Back Your Ex

desktop-wallpaper-women-342489993Have you caught yourself thinking of an ex-boyfriend, wishing you could have another chance? Are you sure that you miss him, and that you’re not just lonely? Getting back together with an ex is tricky regardless of who ended the first relationship, but it isn’t impossible if true feelings have remained. Here are some steps you can take to win back your ex.

Funny video on winning back your ex

  1. Figure out what went wrong the first time, and what part you each played in it. Determine whether or not you can forgive your ex’s mistakes. If you can’t you have no hope for reconciliation.
  2. Once you’ve forgiven your ex, reach out and talk to him about your feelings. Own

Lucid Dream No. 14 Review

cv-1262670000I ordered my Lucid Dream No. 14 as a replacement for my more expensive vibrator that died after only a few uses. I didn’t want to spend a ton more money only to be disappointed again so I decided to try out a more reasonably priced option.

I have to say that the price isn’t the only thing the Lucid Dreams No. 14 has going for it. My new vibrator arrived quickly; I had AA batteries left from my previous toy so I was all ready to give it a burl. This vibrator has a sleek shaft that ends in a bulbous, angled head. The head contains a large, powerful bullet with several speeds you adjust with the dial control

Vibrate Away To Sexual Glory!

50_shades_grey_lingerieWe all know how good vibrators are and how they can deliver customised and focused stimulation to all the right areas. Moreover, as you are in complete control of the gadget, in terms of the exact intensity and location, you can guide it appropriately to achieve maximum pleasure.

In this short article, I’ll share with you some great tips on pleasuring yourself. Let’s get started:

–          Provided you are careful, water hose can be an excellent medium to pleasure yourself. No, you don’t need to take the water hose in! What you need to do exactly is increase the intensity of water flow and direct it towards your privates. You can alter the force of water depending on your needs.

Embrace Bunny Wand

cv-1844630170About a month ago I went through two life-changing events: I received a bonus at my job and I ended a four year relationship. One night, after many bottles of wine with my girlfriends, it struck me that I no longer had anyone to root around with when the mood struck me.

I decided to spoil myself and spend part of my bonus on a top of the line vibrator; during my relationship my toy collection had dwindled down to couples toys like cock rings and fuzzy handcuffs. I had one small bullet (the only vibrator that hadn’t intimidated my ex) and it wasn’t getting the job done.

When my friends left my flat I logged on to my favourite

My Purchases – Future Tech Rabbit

cv-1131370000This one is a rabbit vibrator which features 7 distinct vibration settings ranging from slow speed pulsations to some really fast sonic vibration. I was slightly hesitant when I bought it first but soon realised its immense power.

Apart from being hugely popular, the Future Tech Rabbit vibrator is easily among the best rabbit vibrators available in the sex toys marketplace today. Created with waterproof material and silicone, you can even enjoy it in wet and wild conditions! Thus, you’ll no longer have to worry about your vibe getting spoiled in swimming pool, tub, shower or bath.

Talking about its dimensions, Future Tech Rabbit is around 1.5 inches wide and 5 inches long. It is battery operated and comes with

A Brief History of Suspender Belts


Like all girls…I love to shop….and one of my favourite things to treat myself with is sexy lingerie. I decided to make todays post a little informative by talking about the history of those sexy suspender belts – I hope you enjoy!

First introduced around 1906, suspender belts proved to be unpopular and were soon withdrawn from the marketplace. They were later reintroduced in late 1920s and achieved great market success, so much so that they were at the peak of their popularity throughout the 1930s.

These belts went completely out of the fray during the 60s, mostly because of increasing popularity of tights. Tights were viewed as an excellent alternative to stockings. Soon, suspender belts became specialised items, instead

How to Get Your Man in the Mood

It’s rare for my lovers or boyfriends to not be in the mood for sex but occasionally it does happen. Sometimes after a long day at the office he may insist that he’s just too tired or distracted to make love or get it ‘on’. If you ever have this problem with your man here are some ways I’ve found to get his mind off of his day and on to me.

Get your man in the mood!

  1. If I’m in the mood but sense that my lover isn’t I don’t bring up sex. Instead I give him a long back rub and offer to listen to him vent about his day. The massage helps relax his body and giving

How to Turn Your Hook Up into Your Boyfriend

We’ve all been there. You have a great guy friend who satisfies all of your kinky sexual needs and before long you realize that you’ve fallen in love with him. How could you not? He’s great in bed, willing to play with all of your toys and puts no emotional pressure on you. The realization that you want more from him can be scary but if you follow a few simple steps you can easily transition your ‘friend with benefits’ into your serious boyfriend.

Make him your boyfriend

  1. Be the woman that he’s always known, just be her a lot more often. There are reasons he is attracted to you. Don’t change the way you act or the way you

How to Get Yourself in the Mood


After a long day working or taking care of your ankle biters sex is usually the last thing on your mind. But it’s an important part of nurturing the intimacy between you and your partner. Turning down your man when it’s been awhile and you know he’s in the mood can have devastating effects to his self esteem and to your own libido. Here are some tips to get your mind off of the long day you’ve hand and onto love making.

Get yourself in the mood for sex

  1. Take a few minutes alone, away from the distractions of your house, and focus your thoughts on your partner. Think of the ways he’s made you happy and the things that