Tips on Talking Dirty and Making Him Go Weak in the Knees!

lg_c373fe07122890576132439I’m sure there isn’t a single man in this world who wouldn’t like his girl talk dirty to him in bed! Well, it’s easy for men to say that, but we know that it isn’t so easy for us to start talking dirty all of a sudden! I’ve been practising some new ways and have learnt some good tricks to talk dirty in bed.

Some Video Hints

These are:

It’s important to start easy. Send some dirty emails or text messages to your man. As you’ll not be face-to-face with him, the embarrassment will be far lesser. All in all, it’s important for you to get used to the idea of talking dirty. Perhaps, you can text him to let him know of his good performance in bed the previous night. Tell him you’ve been craving his touch all day and have been feeling really hot and horny. Don’t stop your imagination from running wild!

Next, before you actually say anything to your guy, try practising it at home when he’s not around. Say out loud all that you’d love to say to him. Don’t feel embarrassed as it’s only you who can hear all that talk! Make little adjustments here and there if needed. If it’s getting too awkward for you to talk like that, pick up some erotic book and read out from it. You may learn some new things in the process!

Lastly, it’s not too difficult to learn dirty talking. You just need to practice and feel comfortable about it.