Vibrate Away To Sexual Glory!

50_shades_grey_lingerieWe all know how good vibrators are and how they can deliver customised and focused stimulation to all the right areas. Moreover, as you are in complete control of the gadget, in terms of the exact intensity and location, you can guide it appropriately to achieve maximum pleasure.

In this short article, I’ll share with you some great tips on pleasuring yourself. Let’s get started:

–          Provided you are careful, water hose can be an excellent medium to pleasure yourself. No, you don’t need to take the water hose in! What you need to do exactly is increase the intensity of water flow and direct it towards your privates. You can alter the force of water depending on your needs. What is even better that you can do this in your bathroom’s privacy.

–          Rubbing yourself against something soft such as a pillow, cushion or dildo can deliver great pleasure. All these materials can enhance your erotic pleasure by stimulating all your sensitive regions in a safe manner.

–          Why not go all the way with a dildo or a vibrator. Dildo and vibrators have an excellent advantage that they can be used to indulge in vaginal penetration and stimulation of G spot, not to mention the clitoral stimulation. However, ensure that your dildo or vibrator has been purchased from some safe and reliable shop. It should be of good quality to say the least. I buy many of my toys from my great local sex toy store as I find them extremely helpful and friendly when it comes to answering questions.

–          Always use a lubricant while you are using sex toys such as vibrators and dildos.